Where to from here?

I’ve had a rather reflective week, what with one thing and another. We had a session on Work/Life/Health balance at work and planning out our lives for the next year. HR are going to take a distant overview of the plans to see if there are any activities they can help with, or even organise on our behalf; regular information sessions or walks or themed weeks and so on.

We’re all aiming to build up to a complete plan where the finite resource of our 8,760 hours we only have in a year are utilised to our best advantage. To help us extract the marrow of life, and ensure that some areas that are non-negotiable are planned for, as an example in the “Life” plan these are sacrosanct:

  1. Self
  2. Family
  3. Friendships
  4. Social
  5. Community

All too often people get caught up in the day-to-day minutae of their lives and miss what is going on under their noses. I know people think that Hubs and I are strange to go to bed so early, between 9:00 – 9:30, the alarm goes at 5:30 (for one thing). But we also lie in bed talking about our days, and even if I didn’t want to watch what he did on TV or vice versa, it means we have a clear hour where we can just talk.

While we sit at the table for dinner every night, making a conscious effort not to eat from our laps, but sometimes because Hubs may have only got in from work a few minutes before, he’s not fully unwound from his day and doesn’t feel like talking just yet.

Our coach was great fun, he dismisses Time Management as you can’t manage a finite resource, so he wants us to think long and hard about 3-5 things in each of the three areas that we want to achieve as an objective. We then need to think about what is blocking us from achieving them? Then, what issues will enable the objective to be achieved and so will knock the block out, then and only then, we can think about the actions we would take to meet our objective.

Which brings me to my reflective quandary. Where to from here? My next 12 months are almost totally going to be wrapped up in bringing up a baby full time, as we’ve decided that I will stay at home for the best part of a year after I finish in June. Hubs will get his whole 5 days of Paternity Leave after Peanut’s arrival. Most of which we’ll be in hospital for, and will join us where he can through the week on leave, (although we do have the option for him to take a couple of months off with the new paid parental leave scheme).

Anything I can think of as objective is dependent on one thing at the moment: Peanut. We have no idea what he’s going to be like as a baby, although gauging from the amount of movement in my stomach, he’s going to be a handful. Everything I want to do for myself, will have to be fitted around a newborn, nap times, feeding times, when can Hubs look after him and being also confident in looking after him on his own, or me popping him into child care so I can go to the gym for a specific class. Most likely, I will spend my time listening to audio books and podcasts while pushing a pram around to recover from either the birth or surgery through the sun roof to get him out.

Talking this over with Hubs, all our plans are on hold at the moment. We’ve things we’d like to do, but until our little man arrives, we have no idea what is going to happen. There will shortly be a hand-grenade going off in our relationship. Everything we know now is soon to be swept away and replaced by a completely different reality. How do you plan for that? Our attitude is to carry on doing what we doing; reading what we can, preparing what we can and sitting back and letting life happen for a while.

What do you think..?

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