Week 25

I went to see our OB this morning, Dr Najjar. Bless his cottons, he was on good form, I wonder what the other women think as we guffaw our way through the appointment. I like how he takes my blood pressure, has a feel around to check everything is ok, listens to Peanut’s heartbeat and then offers me his hand to help me up off the couch.

My fundal height was 25cm, so bang on target. I asked him to help me identify what way round Peanut was, when I was on the couch, he was lying left to right, arms and legs up towards my belly button. I didn’t feel what the difference was in head vs. bum, but I figure when I see a foot poking out, we’ll know what way round he is soon enough.

My next appointment in early May is my last monthly appointment, I then move to fortnightly visits from then on. Our ante-natal classes run every Monday night in May too, it’s gonna be busy!

Tomorrow we’re visiting a maternity clothing discount shop, you get what you pay for and the three cheapy pairs of trousers I’d brought to get me through either fall down, the elastic has gone or more buttons pop off than I can sew back on again. Fingers crossed I can find something to wear.

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