Ups & Downs 8

As we move into week 24, here are the latest great things about being pregnant, and the not so great things.


  • I’ve been really tired this week, dog-tired. Thursday I woke up tired, which I’ve not been for a while, as for the last month or so, I’ve sprung out of bed raring to go, and I slept through my alarm on Friday morning, luckily I woke up at 7:45 needing a pee, otherwise I may well have slept till noon. I was fuzzy headed all day, and struggled at work.
  • Having said that, both Hubs and I are feeling a bit congested, and keep clearing our throats this morning, so we may well be fighting yet another lurgy. Either way, the back-end of this week has been hard work.
  • Monday was a very blue day. It seems to be in the past now, but all in all I am very pleased it is now the weekend.
  • My eating patterns are all over the place, sometimes I’m hungry when I would expect to be, sometimes not. It makes planning for things hard work, not least meetings when I was sat there in one with my stomach growling and blushing furiously.


  • Our little boy is an active little man. He wiggles around, kicks, punches and generally makes himself known. He’s not waking me up at night, although Sunday morning I sat bolt upright in bed as he kicked me really high up by my belly button for the first time, which really hurt and surprised me. Yesterday he evidently had rolled right over with his back to my belly button and was kicking me inwards, which wasn’t appreciated. However when I spooned Hubs this morning I squashed him back.
  • I love watching my belly move, it is still weird, but lovely, and I would like to video it for you to see, but as soon as I get my phone out, he stops moving around.
  • Every week that clicks over brings him closer to arriving, but the list of things we both need to do at work is ever-growing, thankfully his room is ready. One of my colleagues is lending us a cot, and we’re buying a pram fixture for his stroller, so even if the cot arrives later than we’re trying to get here, it’s not the end of the world.
  • I seem to be very relaxed about the whole thing, I’m not stressing about what we’ve not got or need to get, knowing there is plenty of time, but at the same time recognising if we only brought nappies, we’d probably manage. There is far too much pressure on new parents to get stuff, most of which we don’t need. Not going shopping and buying into the whole ‘buy more stuff’ ethos is standing both of us in good stead. Having said that, we’re now off to Chaddy for supplies for our house-warming and also for a walk around some baby shops. Ahem.

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