Ten on Tuesday – Autumn Edition

Being Down Under, I’m having to adapt this weeks topic again. So here are my 10 reasons to be glad it’s Autumn:

  1. Football season starts again, Australian Rules football that is. It literally brings this city to a standstill. Incomprehensible to some people who haven’t grown up on it, but I love it. We’re off to the first match of the season tomorrow night.
  2. Boots, any excuse to wear them so I’m snug and warm.
  3. Snuggling under a duvet with a good book; being on a bed melting in the heat is not my idea of fun.
  4. Stews, casseroles and roast dinners creep back into the menu.
  5. Going to the cinema more, something I love doing, but something I struggle to do when it is a lovely day outside, it seems such a waste to sit in the dark. Unless its boiling out, when everyone piles in to take advantage of the air-con!
  6. We get a change over of TV programmes. In theory, because more people will be watching as all the summer sports have finished, this should be a good season. In practice, we shall see, but it doesn’t stop me keeping my fingers crossed we get a good HBO or equivalent series come over. We still seem to live on BBC imports and SBS in this house, and avoid Two and A Half Men et al.
  7. When it is cold and wet outside and we don’t feel like going out, I can catch up on the piles of books I’ve been meaning to read without feeling guilty.
  8. It is creeping ever closer to our holiday in Queensland.
  9. The world cup for cricket will finally be over, because of the ridiculous way the tournament is being played, I’ve lost all interest in it.
  10. Grand Prix season starts up this weekend, here in Melbourne. I’ve already said I will try to take more interest in it this season, but it depends if the Poison Dwarf keeps shoving his oar in. Having it here for much longer is looking tenuous because of the ridiculous demands that they keep making, the new Government for Victoria are already making noises that they will tell F1 where to stick it. I promise I will try not to shout at the TV at the poor coverage too.
  11. Probably need to add this one, as Autumn closes and clicks over into Winter, our baby will arrive in July.

What do you think..?

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