Pulling off a surprise isn’t easy

Particularly when you’re bursting to give it away, but are also trying to keep it secret.

This Friday I took the day off work, telling Hubs that we were going away for the weekend and I needed to pack for both of us. I packed our clothes, bedding and did a shop for our self catering getaway. When he arrived home after a shorter day at work, the car was loaded, Sat Nav was programmed (I could hardly ask him to navigate me to…) and full of fuel. Off we went.

Leaving Melbourne at 4pm meant we missed the mass exodus out the city, and after nearly being driven off the road outside Geelong, leaving me in tears and nearly barfing in fear in the driving seat and Hubs angry, we made it to our destination; a friend’s house in Anglesea. Driving past places he thought we were going was fun, as were the texts from his colleagues as they tried to work it out too. At one point he thought we were heading to Adelaide for the Clipsal 500, but I wouldn’t have driven out along the Great Ocean Road to get there! o.O

After unpacking the car, having a coffee and him getting used to being where we were and what we could do over the weekend, we headed out for dinner. I made a great show of being ‘told’ to use the keys that had been inside the house, so I locked the key back into it’s hidey-hole. While at the restaurant I excused myself and texted the details of where to find it to his brother. BIL and SIL were about an hour and half behind us, his best friend was another hour behind them.

We had a great dinner, really talked, made plans for the future and I could see the wear and tear of the week melting away from him. Seeing BIL’s car drive past I nearly gave it away, but remembered the stern talking to myself I gave in the bathroom. Driving back to the house I hopped out, opened the gate and got back into the car nearly squeaking with excitement. Hubs got worried, ‘We didn’t leave those lights on?!’ Then recognised his brother’s car. ‘Have you been tricksy?’ I said ‘Mystery guests 1, 2, 3, and 4 are here!’ They had brought both dogs with them. When he’d got over his surprise he was happy, really happy.

About an hour later my phone rang, Mystery Guest number 5 was confirming he was at the right house. Hubs was over the moon. His favourite people were all together to celebrate his belated birthday. I was also officially the best wifelet ever.


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