Project 333 – maternity edition

For those of you who read both of my blogs, I apologise for lifting this topic straight from Penhaligon’s Picayune, but it is about maternity clothing after all, so straddles both blogs.

As my bump expanded and my wardrobe dwindled, I realised I was able to carry on with Project 333 after all. I’d started the Project off, then fell pregnant and my quickly inflating boobs prevented me from fitting in half of the clothes I’d chosen. I had to break out my ‘fat’ clothes (everyone has them) and live in them until we’d told everyone we were pregnant.

This weekend I finally got my act together and looked at my wardrobe. Driving home tonight I thought of something else I wanted to convey, namely how I get by on such a small amount of clothing.

So now I’ve been busy CTRL+K ing all over the place, I can update you on this week, it’s Thursday tomorrow, which is my Friday and thankfully I’ve had a hugely productive day in the office today. We both slept well last night, which helped enormously, as we’ve had a couple of erratic nights of late. I woke up to Peanut wiggling around, and apart from when I was making breakfast, he’s not really stopped all day. I’ve felt thumps and kicks, and what I guess are somersaults or roly-polys as the movement isn’t distinct enough to know what it is, but it’s definitely there. I’d love to know what he’s doing. We’ve started playing him music too, perching an iPhone on my belly, or in the car when I can sing along and not be heard by anyone (it ain’t pretty folks).

I can look down at my belly and work out what way he’s facing, and when I moisturise (no stretch marks so far) I can feel a distinct bum or torso shape wherever he’s lying. I got Hubs to moisturise the bump last week, he did it very gingerly, you have to press fairly firmly or you can’t feel anything, there’s a lot of padding still. My weight is still stable, and as I’m feeling on top of the world (when I’ve slept well), I’m not worried. While I lost 6kg by going vegan to prepare my baby garden prior to conception, I’ve only put on 7kg since I got pregnant, which is bang on target. It just all went on at once!

I won’t be blogging till next week now, I am taking Hubs away for the weekend for his birthday, we leave on Friday afternoon and get back Sunday night. Tomorrow is going to be busy at work, I’ll be leaving when I’m done with Board minutes, payroll and whatever else needs to leave my desk before I can. Have a good weekend.

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