Ups & Downs 7

After an eventful week, here are my Ups & Downs for you, although the Downs are nothing compared to what has happened in Japan.


  • Hubs and I have both had a cold hanging round us again, my worst day was Wednesday, simply because of earache, which is the most horrible physical ache there is
  • We’ve also had a patchy week’s sleep, some nights we were awake and talking at 4am
  • The house is still a muddle in some areas
  • I’ve not been able to swim at all this week


  • The extra ultra-sound to get the last of Peanut’s heart measurements went well. He’s definitely a boy, in rude health, AND (bonus) it showed my placenta had lifted in a week (phew). If it stays where it is and is confirmed as Placenta Previa, I’ll have to have a caesarean section, which is the complete opposite of what I want for Peanut’s entry.
  • Lying in bed on Saturday, the early morning sun on my belly showed him wiggling around and my skin moving, lovely, but freaky at the same time. I tried to film it this morning, but he wasn’t playing. In fact, slept for most of today with only the odd kick, he’s now charging around inside again. I’d love to know what he’s doing in there.
  • Monday is a public holiday, we’d planned to spend most of it pottering about the house, but Hubs now has to go back for the rest of his cricket final which was abandoned due to rain. I’ll stay at home and do housework, but the jobs we’d lined up now won’t get done for a while, but getting the time to do a proper clean is always a good thing. For me anyway!

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