Project 333 – Maternity edition

This is more than a bit frustrating; I committed to wearing 33 items, including accessories, for 3 months for Project 333 from about the beginning of October last year. Just about as I got underway and into the swing of it, I fell pregnant with Peanut. That isn’t the frustrating bit, the frustrating bit was almost within 6 weeks I could barely fit into a lot of the clothes that I had chosen. I was in maternity bras at week 8. I had to abandon the Project before it got fully underway. This was a Project I believed in too, I’m constantly culling extraneous items, as well as trying to convince my husband that he doesn’t need as much stuff too, particularly if it’s just hanging around the garage or in boxes taking up room.

Also frustrating is that I’ve deleted the page and the collection of items pictures from this blog, I still have the daily photos of what I was wearing, so I can work out the list of clothes from them. But as I tried to hide my pregnancy for the first 12 weeks, I had to open up my entire wardrobe of everything I owned to get through each working week. Three months later, we moved house, I packed up a box of pre-Peanut clothes I couldn’t fit into at the time of the move, then hung them up in the spare wardrobe at our new home. Over the past 3 weeks and my belly popped, I’ve in turn moved from items of clothing I could fit in, then could squeeze in and then admitted defeat of getting in for a while; I’ve added them to the spare wardrobe too. I’m now left with a capsule wardrobe, that I could probably fit into a weekend bag.

But as my body changed over the course of the pregnancy and I moved through my – ahem, bigger items, then packed more and more clothes away; I thought that I was heading towards, if not actually in, the Project again, just with Maternity Clothes. And guess what, I am. In fact, for the past month, I’ve been wearing a lot less than 33 items. Which staggers me.

I am fully aware that I am going to have to buy some more clothes, but I am loathe to really. We won’t be having any more children, so after I’ve given birth, and I’ve got some semblance of my previous figure back, what do I do with the maternity clothes I’ve brought, and will have hardly worn? I’m at 22 weeks, I’ve got about 18 to go (eeek – mild panic), this morning I looked at the clothes hanging up and what is in the ironing pile and this is what I’ve been getting by on, (M are proper maternity items, some I’ve brought from the ‘fat bird’ section as one of my friends puts it (F), some are items I brought before I got pregnant and still fit):

  • M blue jeans
  • M chino/ cargo pants
  • Black jersey dress
  • M white blouse for work
  • M black jersey skirt, knee length
  • F black jersey skirt, full length
  • Red jersey top
  • M black merino wool long sleeved t-shirt (heaven on earth)
  • 2 x white casual tops, both roomy
  • M blue shirt
  • F blue shirt (need to sew a button on it though)
  • M charcoal trousers
  • M cropped black trousers
  • F cropped black trousers
  • M t-shirts x 2

Which makes 17 items. Leisure wear and underwear don’t count as part of your 33 items, so vest tops, schlumperdinka  trousers and maternity leggings (which will not see the light of day outside the house unless I’m wearing something that covers my bum) don’t count. I’ve been wearing, up till now, some pre-Peanut long sleeve t-shirts every so often, but after this week I can’t fit in them. The less said about my gym kit the better, I’ve some Nike tops with built in bras, which while I can get in them, it takes a while, and apparently is fun to watch. When I’m getting a work out heaving myself in them, it ain’t funny. And horror of horrors, I’ve had to buy a maternity swimming costume. Wearing a tankini was fine, until I finished a length and looked down, and giggled as I was nearly flashing the Eastern Suburbs.

So anyhoo, I’m back in.  But with my version of Phase Two, slightly different than a normal Phase Two insofar, I’m going to need to be slightly more flexible in my approach given I’m shortly going to balloon into a, well large pregnant person. When I’ve done the ironing, I’ll take a picture of my mini-wardrobe for y’all.

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