An inconvenient truth?

I’ve had a great day today, I’ve got my hair cut, had lunch with friends and a snooze. In the back of my mind though all day has been the news coming out of Japan.

In the CBD today I passed people carrying placards that said ‘Price on pollution, our children are worth it’. I am sick and tired of people shoving climate change under the carpet, whining ‘These levels have happened before’ and maintaining that us humans are not having an effect on the earth. Hello? There are nearly 7bn people here now. We’re living in places we’re not supposed to live in, there are huge weather systems reaking havoc all over the world, if we caused them or not, it is immaterial – building on flood plains is not a good idea. In the past few months we’ve seen two huge earthquakes, we’re taking, and taking, resources out, this place is fragile, and I think it’s fighting back.

While I’ve had a hard week, nothing compares to what is happening in Japan. It is a harsh, sobering, reminder that there are more important things happening than having a cold and getting a bit behind at work.


In other news: Brendan Fevola, Australian’s answer to Charlie Sheen’s public meltdown, has gone on holiday with his brother today. He’s ignoring advice from anyone who has tried to influence him to get help and seek support for his gambling and alcoholic addictions. I must admit, I don’t have a huge amount of sympathy for him, however, surrounding him and shoving microphones under his nose is not going to help him.

Black Caviar is an unbelievable horse, who has raced 10 times, and won 10 times, a world record. In the Newmarket races today at Flemington, where they hold the Melbourne Cup, she ran again today. In this video of the whole race you can see that she is something else. She’s in peach with black dots, staying with the pack, with no whipping, at 300m out from the finishing line, the jockey Luke Nolen shifts her up a gear, with no whipping, and she just flies home. This country is a nation of gamblers, betting shops are everywhere, you can put bets on in pubs, hotels, online, from your phone. But watching a horse in action who is already being tipped by serious racing pundits as the best sprinter, ever, is a joy. Even just standing in her stable, she is a beautiful horse. The most amazing thing about this race? She was carrying 8kg over everyone else in the field.

What do you think..?

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