Week 21 (what already)

I can’t believe we’re over half way there. Particularly when waiting at Dr Najjar’s office a lady came in with her baby boy, who was born at 35 weeks, which would put anyone’s plans out of sync somewhat! I’d be at work then, I’m planning on working up till the middle of June, finishing the day after the Board meeting. I’d rather have the time off with Peanut, than sit at home twiddling my thumbs for two months beforehand. I do recognise that I’m going to need the time to rest up and get ready.

Pumpkin Patch have a sale on, so yesterday lunchtime I put in an order for baby clothes, and a couple of work tops for me. So far, this poor child has a pair of socks and 4 onesies to wear. I know we’ve got a while to accumulate the layette and stuff, but given it hardly seems any time at all we were trying to get pregnant… I’d rather be ordering things in now, and buying bits every few weeks rather than running around like a mad thing at the end, methinks we’ll be running around like mad things at the end any way.

Today we had some shopping to do, we also paid some cheques in and changed our address with the bank. Hubs went back to move the car, while I waddled down to David Jones to get some new maternity bras, seeing as I’m nearly bursting out of the ones I’m in now. There was only one lady on in the linger-ee department, I asked for a bra fitting, so she sent me into the changing rooms to wait. After 5 minutes a teenager came down, I explained I was 21 weeks, needed a new one yadda yadda. After suggesting to her that she shut the door before I lifted my top (!), she looked at the fit, looked at the size 16D and threw over a 16DD the door and said ‘Did you want to try that one on?’ I put it on and said, ‘I’ve nearly filled this one too’.  No answer.

Peering out over the door, she was nowhere in sight. Absolutely furious, I got dressed and walked out, pulling on my cardigan as I left.

  1. When I went for my first maternity bra fitting, at 8 weeks, the sales lady was very helpful. She explained exactly what she was doing, why they are different from normal bras and that under no circumstances should a maternity bra fitting should be rushed.
  2. This was David Jones, I don’t buy bras from just anywhere, and certainly never off the peg, I never have done. Back in the UK I made a point of getting measured annually and buying new bras regularly, as they only last 3 months with normal wear. I went back to DJs because of the reputation they have, and the exceptional service I received the first time.

I’m going back to another DJs tomorrow, the original store I went to in Chadstone, where I should have gone in the first place, but never mind.

This week Peanut has been really active, wiggling, kicking and thumping me. I was hoping he’d make the same movements while the scan was being done on Monday so we had some idea of what he did in there. On Thursday night, I lay on my back in bed, Hubs had his right hand on my tummy, I had my hand on there too and the party that was going on inside was amazing. The pair of us were tired out, but took a while to get to sleep as it was so lovely feeling him charging around.

It’s only been the last couple of weeks I’ve got to the point where I’m now enjoying being pregnant, up until now, what with morning sickness, heartburn and tiredness, then add to that the two huge mosquito bites I’ve had to go to A&E over, it’s not been the easiest 20 week journey. Luckily, any questions I’ve had have been answered, both by medical professionals, and the lovely ladies on the BellyBelly forum. I think I’m the only one in the banded by due date group who’s not already had a child. Which is reassuring when I hop on to put my hand up and say ‘Is this normal?’ and get a resounding ‘Yes!’ back.

I’m going to close for now, I’ve started yawning and as I didn’t get the best night last night, not being able to breathe and all, I’m taking myself off to bed.

What do you think..?

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