Getting there, slowly

You’d think the amount of times we’ve moved between us – 40+ we’d be used to it. But I hate it, I really do. No matter how organised you try and be, the first boxes you unpack are never the ones you need to unpack. You can’t remember exactly what you’ve put in what boxes, so while sometimes it’s a good surprise, sometimes it’s also frustrating when you’re trying to find a particular item.

But never mind, we’re slowly unpacking everything, we’ve only got a few boxes left to go, but also have the garage to tackle – something neither of us are looking to doing. Hubs has a work bench that was unloaded on the left-hand side of the garage, but needs to get moved to the right-hand side. The bar fridges also need to be swapped over to from left hand to right hand. We’ve also got to rationalise some of our items (anyone need 6 bar stools?). Our House Warming party has been booked for the last weekend in March, to ensure we get, and maintain, some impetus to keep tidying up. Particularly as we’re away for Hubs birthday the weekend before. I’m whisking him away on a surprise weekend, a month after his birthday, but I carefully avoided the cricket finals!

Other than the occasional un-packing and rearrangement, we’ve not done much to the house this week. After last weekend where we were cleaning the old house and unpacking here, this week we’ve practically gone on strike and just got on with living here. We’ve also had a cold hanging round us, which sent me to bed early yesterday, and kept me up for most of the night. When we’re straight I’ll put some more photos up for you on Posterous. Until then, you’ll have to take our word for it, it looks a lot less chaotic than it did!

What do you think..?

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