Ups & Downs 6

Now we’re in the house, what have been my Ups & Downs for the past couple of weeks (edited 4 Feb):


  • Not being able to find things easily, I don’t do well when my life is a bit chaotic (remind me why we’re having a baby again), so not having everything put away is a struggle for me. I’ll get over it.
  • Pregnancy Brain – what was I doing again? Where was I going again? What is that word I needed, doofee, thingamy?
  • Autumn is on its way, so the nights are colder, Hubs loves it, he gets to sleep and sleeps better. If I’m cold, I don’t find it easy to sleep, so dropping off the past couple of nights has been harder than normal.
  • I’m fighting a cold, so am snuffly and very tired in the afternoons.


  • We’ve got our boy!
  • Peanut is growing beautifully – OB’s words of this morning, not mine.
  • I wake up and am raring to go, but crash about 3.
  • We had an ultra sound on Monday, and I get another peep at him this coming Monday. Let’s hope he’s wiggled around so they can do the measurements they need to.
  • Forgot to say, my hearburn is being quiet – kept under control with Losec. Much happier all round as anyone who’s ever had it will testify!

What do you think..?

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