The Last…

  • Sunday night we took down the ironing board for the last time
  • Yesterday I did our last load of washing
  • Yesterday I stripped and made our bed for the last time in this house
  • I emptied our linen cupboard
  • All our bookshelves are bare
  • I’m living on bare minimum toiletries, not the umpteen bottles I normally can choose from

Moving house is a good chance to get rid of clutter, extraneous chaff and donate, donate, donate to charity. We’ve delivered one load already, another bag full is waiting at the top of the stairs ready to go. I’ve asked for confirmation of when I can collect the keys on Friday, and am already building a mental list of things ready to take with me; vacuum, cleaning products, the linen to re-stock the cupboard, whatever I can take to restock the pantry.

Next week I won’t be posting, I won’t have the time. We’re meeting Hanno for dinner tonight, which leaves us just tomorrow to work out what we’re taking first, and start moving everything downstairs into the garage for swift and easy loading ready for a clean getaway.

As Hubs brought my tea up this morning, he said ‘I won’t miss those stairs’. I won’t miss the dogs barking at all hours, waking up every other household except their owners. He won’t miss the eejits that park on our lawn, causing ridges. I won’t miss the random three door combination of getting out the kitchen into the utility room, and then out to the garage, trying not to bang into the door to the cupboard under the stairs, (I’ll try to take a picture so you can see what I mean). Neither of us will miss the two steps up (or down) into the living room, which we’ve both fallen over. Neither of us will miss the property manager who is hopeless.

However, the house has been good to us, Hubs was able to walk to work before he changed jobs, the bedroom with the balcony door open is a lovely place to sit and read, and it’s handy for hoping onto the freeway, but not so handy for public transport. I’ve moved so many times now, I don’t get emotional leaving places, but when we do hand the keys back, one thing we’ll always remember about the house is that Peanut started off there.

PS I know today is when I normally do Ten On Tuesday, but as I don’t read ten blogs, I can’t join in this week. I then thought about doing websites, but I struggled to get to Ten of them too, a self-imposed media black out is quite handy at times. I don’t miss the t’internet, and realised this morning I only use my iPhone to call, text and tweet on, with the occasional listen to music or read of the ‘You: Having a baby!’ pregnancy app. Remind me again, why do I have it?

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