The trials and tribulations of moving home – one

I don’t mind moving house, there are some things that make me laugh, other things that make my toes curl. First in an occasional series as we do battle with another house move…

  1. The realisation that despite your best effort to weed out clutter, you are married to someone who collects things
  2. That the charity bag will now be ‘vetted’ for extraneous items of clothing you may not like, but he still does, thank you very much
  3. The on hold music as you try to disconnect and reconnect utilities
  4. Moving the fridge or the washing machine and the yuck factor of dust woofes that were underneath said appliances
  5. Living in Australia, you never know when a spider, or worse, is going to pop out and say ‘Hello!’
  6. Looking at something trying to remember why you brought it in the first place, or wondering what it is at all
  7. The realisation that you never did get round to tidying the filing cabinet up over Christmas, or indeed doing any filing full stop
  8. How many bottles of shampoo et al do I need?
  9. Updating every single fricking thing with your new address, again
  10. Updating all your friends with your new address and phone number, again

What do you think..?

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