Ten On Tuesday – Oscar Winning Films edition

Getting this list to 10 could be interesting, to say the least, mainly because a lot of the films I love were pipped by other lesser films at the post (as an example, LA Confidential vs. Titanic)but I’ll give it a go. And for good measure, in no particular order either.

  1. Cinema Paradiso – yes it’s in Italian, yes it’s got subtitles. But please just watch it, no arguments. Toto is one of the strongest characters you will ever see on the screen, when he’s a child, when he’s young adult and when he’s a man.
  2. Gosford Park – I never tire of this film. Robert Altman at his best IMHO, really strong story, absolutely stellar cast. I simply cannot fault it.
  3. Some Like It Hot – won for best costumes, but consistently tops the best comedy ever lists, not bad for a film made in 1959! I’ve the screenplay at home, and reading it, I still laugh out loud.
  4. Witness – very good story, the performances still dazzle me. And the most sexy love scene you will see, because they don’t actually get it on. It’s all intention, eye meets and now I’m getting hot under the collar…
  5. Shawshank Redemption – I can’t imagine there are many people that haven’t watched this yet. But if you’ve not, what have you been doing? If you answer, ‘Watching Titanic’ you can stop reading my blog pronto.
  6. Jaws – just the original, accept no repeats or 3D shite. I watched this and had to be persuaded to go swimming again. In a pool.
  7. The Godfather – nuff said.
  8. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – Jack Nicholson is glorious, particulalry the baseball watching scene.
  9. The Silence Of The Lambs – I don’t usually like book-film adaptations, but this just works. Not least due to Anthony Hopkins staring the camera down.
  10. The Accused – Jodie Foster runs the gamut of every motion, just trying to get her voice heard in court.

Films that didn’t win an Oscar, but would be in this list:

A Single Man, Amelie, The Color Purple, Stranger Than Fiction (‘I brought you flours’). I could go on and on.

Good topic Carole!

What do you think..?

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