I don’t normally shop for pleasure

…it’s normally something I do to get it done, get out and go home. But today I wasn’t on great form, I’d wanted to get the post before I left for work, but spent that half hour on the phone to the UK. This afternoon was my studying afternoon, but I managed to leave my book and file, notes and everything, on the kitchen table (left in a prominent position, so I wouldn’t forget them). After leaving work, I took the long drive back via the Post Box and had to get out for a pee (as you do when you’re pregnant).

Seeing as I can’t fit into my tankini, well, I can, just not in a public area I bimbled along to Rebel Sports and tried on a maternity swimsuit o.O there’s nothing like making you feel fat than buying a new cossie, multiply that by a lot when you’re hiding your bump behind ‘tastefully gathered’ material. Any hoo, I brought it as at 6am, who is going to give a… I then asked for some dumbells so I can do my YOU: Having A Baby workout. Realising I had to now carry said dumbells back to the car, which of course was on the other side of the shopping centre, I went down the escalator, and popped out near Pumpkin Patch.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself I walked in and rummaged around the white newborn stuff for onesies:

Just what I was looking for. I know we’ll need a lot more in our layette, but we’ve started. This is our 4th purchase for Peanut. We’ll sort ourselves out properly when we’ve moved.

While I was waiting for my computer to get going, I lay down on my bed, put my hands on my belly and felt three kicks, or punches. Either way, they weren’t nice little gentle movements, but big ol’ determined ones. I hope we’ll get some more when Hubs lies on my tummy tonight. You keep that determination up in there, you’re going to need it.

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