A wigglin and a jigglin

There are some definite flutters and pokes going on inside me now. Which aside from being downright freaky, (who can not think of ‘Alien’ when they think about something growing inside a personage?) but it’s also exciting. Sometimes, and depending on the position I’m lying or sitting in, it feels like a gentle wiggle, almost like when you tap your fingers against your thigh, other times it’s a definite ‘Oi!’ which is what I got when driving to work on Friday, a most indignant thump from inside.

Every day it is a reminder that this is happening; but I was also reminded that this journey should still be not taken lightly, as the news broke this morning of Amanda Holden who sadly lost her baby boy at 7 months pregnant. Last year a miscarriage caused her to keep this pregnancy secret for as long as she dared, only announcing it in December she was due in March. I cannot imagine what she and her family are going through at the moment and my heart goes out to them.

We’ve had a rough day, both Hubs and I are feeling very lethargic, he thinks we have picked up a virus, and as I’ve spent most of the day in bed I’m inclined to agree with him. I pottered around the bedroom tidying up this afternoon, and had to crawl back into bed as it defeated me. This evening stirring my soup on the stove, I came over all lightheaded and had to sit down; having fainted before, I know the warning signs now and don’t try to push on through.

We don’t think I did too much yesterday packing up the house ready for our imminent move, we deliberately gave me the lighter jobs, and stopped after a couple of hours. I then had a sleep in the afternoon before we went out in the evening. But I don’t think standing around waiting for people for half an hour helped at all, simply because they were looking for ‘somewhere free to park’, which peed us both of no end. I get increasingly frustrated with people who book us in, then don’t turn up on time. Both Hubs and I were talking about the lassiaz faire attitude that people have, thinking a text message is enough to send you – er, hello! It’s not. But that is a whole other blog rant to have on my whole other blog.

On a more pregancy related front, I was in the shower, when Hubs opened the door to talk to me, I was rinsing off before he hopped in, and I caught sight of a boob from another angle in the reflection of the door and thought ‘Bloody hell! People pay good money to get bangers like these!’ I’m nearly out the maternity bras I brought in week 8, I had to go back to see her no later than week 20 anyway, but as I’ve nearly grown out of a 16D bra, it fills me with dread when I think about what size I will end up as. Hubs, needless to say, is loving them. As maternity bras have no padding in them, I have to check what I’m wearing before I leave the house to make sure you can’t see too much. Many a time, I’ve had to change tops before I’ve left to go to work. I never wore padded, wonderbra types, just padded to cover my modesty. I’m beginning to realise, being pregnant, I don’t have any modesty.

What do you think..?

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