Packing up and movin’ out

Hubs reckons he’s moved house 25 times, including out the UK and then back again. I’ve think I’ve moved in the teens now, but have lost count. I worked for a book wholesaler when I was younger, there were many, many bad things about that job, but the one good thing was the lesson in packing a box in a hurry so everything is secure and safe.

Since I’ve known Hubs; I moved in with him, moved back to my parents for a couple of months, moved to Australia, moved out of the flat into this house – and we’re now packing again. I’ve asked if we can stay still for a couple of years now please.

This morning we packed 11 boxes, with linen, books and pre-Peanut clothes I can’t fit into now. We also dismantled the spare bed, the single bed we had in the study and broke down Hubs’ desk. We’re also expecting an open house on Saturday, so have to ensure the place is viewable, not just wall to wall boxes.  We’ve worked out the order we want to move things, starting off with the bar fridge (normal size fridge in the UK, here just for beer and wine).

Due to last nights’ wild weather, the tail end of Cyclone Yasi, which is now affecting weather across the continent, we had a leak above the lounge room, the water trickled down the wall and has lifted some of the floating floorboards. We’ll let the property agent know on Monday morning, but there won’t be much they can do short of lifting and replacing them.

Tonight we’re off to watch the Melbourne Rebels get thumped by the Canterbury Crusaders, who are fielding 10 All Blacks. We’re going to the new AAMI Park, finished last year, it’s nearly 100% restriction free seating because the roof supports itself. From the outside, it looks like a series of huge golf balls welded together. It’s a great addition to the Melbourne Sporting Arena. We’re meeting up with friends that we’ve not seen for a while, so we’re looking forward to the evening.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, as normal. But we’re both pleased we’re moving now, so we can get settled without having to worry about moving towards the end of the pregnancy. We can unpack, move furniture around and work out where to put Peanut accoutrements in our own time. Well, until 14 July anyway.

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