Ups and Downs 4

As we approach week 17, and I am officially popped I thought I better run down my latest Ups and Downs for you.


  • Being told I could lose Peanut by the GP, I was called back to see him and collect a prescription for a UTI. When I told him about the slight spotting I’d also been having, he gently told me that Peanut wasn’t out the woods yet.
  • Rather erratic sleeping patterns, making life difficult; as one night I got an amazing sleep, woke up fizzing with energy in the morning and then the next night I slept really badly, leaving me yawning and absolutely wrecked by 6pm.
  • Making silly mistakes at work, despite trying to be careful. It’s a bit demoralising!


  • Seeing Dr Najjar, his reassuring grin and being told that Peanut was doing beautifully.
  • Not at all pregnancy related, but we got the car back yesterday making our life a lot easier and meaning our normal morning routine can get back underway. It also means when I go shopping, random things won’t appear in the trolley because Hubs has to take me.
  • That one night of perfect sleep. Seriously was the best one I had in months, I slept right through to 4:30. Which sounds early, but not when you’ve had the best part of 8 hours, without getting up and down to pee all night.

What do you think..?

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