I’ll think of a title later

I didn’t eat normally yesterday, I had a light breakfast because I was getting a massage at 9am. We then didn’t really eat lunch, but had an early dinner at 4ish with brother-in-law and his children. Consequently, I felt a bit queasy round the edges. And got told off my best friend who I called in the evening.

So today, I’m going to resume eating properly, which isn’t going to be easy in itself, as it’s due to hit 40c today. Who feels like eating when it gets that hot? Luckily we’ve got air-con in the living area downstairs, the portable unit is thundering away in the bedroom so hopefully that stays cool. Sleeping in the room while it’s going is hard work, it’s not so much a white noise, but a loud one. Tomorrow is going to be just as hot, so I’m predicting lots of grumpy people at work for the beginning of the week!

On another note, I think I’m feeling Peanut wiggle around. Hubs laid on my tummy last night and thought he could hear something too, ‘other than gas’ as he pointed out. I’m looking forward to seeing Dr Najjar tomorrow, getting a scan and another glimpse of Peanut, it’s been an odd couple of weeks what with one thing and another.

What do you think..?

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