Ten on Tuesday

Yes, I know it is Wednesday, but I don’t see these posts until Wednesday our time, I’ve added Carol Knits to my blogroll, as I spent some time on the website the other day and I loved it, particularly this post. How gorgeous is that little jacket?

So here is my Top Ten Health & Beauty Products:

  1. Clinique – I love their 3-step skin care system. The dramatically different moisturising lotion is just glorious, and after returning to using this earlier this year, my skin is slowly improving. The smell of the face wash is lovely in the mornings too.
  2. Nivea Creme – this little blue tub of white goo has been a firm favourite of mine since I was a girl. I used to get chapped skin in the winters, so Mum would slather this on before I left the house. I still use it as a lip gloss and after swimming. I’ll also layer it on thick on my face every so often and lie prone in bed and contemplate my navel.
  3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – There are only 2 products I buy in duty free, this is one of them. A tube lasts for ages, you can use it everywhere, on burns, as a lip balm, or really intensive moisturiser. I’ve always got this rattling around in the bottom of my bag.
  4. The other product I buy in duty free is YSL Touche Eclat. Yes, it is expensive, but lasts for yonks, I’ve still got an unopened box I brought when I flew out of Heathrow in September 2008. A little goes a long way, and this is one product (other than mascara) I don’t leave the house without unless I’m heading to the gym.
  5. Toni & Guy Shampoo and Conditioner. I buy the one in the red bottle, (I can’t find an image). This is a product I keep coming back to, it detangles and removes any chlorine and dryness.
  6. Moroccan Hair Oil, I’m a recent convert to this and only started using the Original Oil in the past year. I’ve just brought my third bottle, again it lasts for ages, two-three squirts before each blow dry, and I only have to use a miniscule amount of styling product to calm any wispy bits.
  7. Johnson & Johnson baby bath. I use this as shower gel on a daily basis, with the odd smelly shower gel, like Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily (utter deliciousness) or Lush’s Tramp as a treat. When Lush withdrew Tramp, there was such a volley of complaints, they had to bring it back.
  8. Perfume. I wear perfume every day. I’ve got several bottles on my dressing table, and firmly believe it is not for special occasions. I only use two squirts though, you shouldn’t be assaulted by the smell of someone as they walk past. And the less said about ‘celebrity’ perfumes the better.
  9. Nail polish. Me without painted toe nails is like me naked. I love Chanel Rouge Noir, I brought it for my wedding, and the bottle is still going strong despite toes being done every 2-3 weeks.
  10. Ange, my beloved hairdresser, has to be included. My life would be so much harder without her cutting, colouring and showing me how to blow dry. Also to be noted here is that both her and her husband Sam greet me with a kiss and a hug, know how I like my coffee, and don’t talk to me while I’m getting my hair washed.

As you can see from my list, mostly I am fragrant and moisturised. Make-up is hardly listed, as I can go without wearing any quite happily, but if you want to know I wear Clinique make-up too, but use a Max Factor mascara. Eyeshadows rotate round depending on what colour I want to wear, I don’t often bother with lipstick now, but have a Mac one that is lovely.

While there are expensive products listed, they last me for ages, because I’m not wasteful with them. I’ve learnt that my skin needs to be respected and cared for. That starts on the inside, so I drink lots of water, and try to eat as healthily as I can. Having said that, as I noted yesterday on my other blog, my skin at the moment isn’t great (getting better), because my digestive system is playing up, when I get that pregnancy glow thing going on, I’ll let y’all know.

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. I totally agree with you on the Eight Hour Cream, YSL, Molton Brown and Lush. All products I don’t mind paying a little extra for as I know they work and they last too!

    I always have a tube of Eight Hour Cream with me, you never know when you might need it. :o)


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