Weight gain in pregnancy

I weigh myself daily, for one reason, I have IBS and it gives me a gauge as to how my insides are doing. I can gain 2-3kg overnight, meaning my insides aren’t doing too well, so I need to up my fibre and water content, and watch my diet carefully. If I’m stable, they’re doing ok, and I’m eating well. Bear in mind, if I eat something bad for me, it can take anything up to a week for my digestive system to sort itself out into some semblance of normality.

‘Bad’ being wheat products, pasta, bread, cake, biscuits etc. I avoid them all, I’ve not got a hugely sweet tooth, so it’s not a hardship on the cake/biscuit front. However, when you don’t eat something for a long time, and then have a small piece, the effects are multiplied. I was given a muffin as a birthday cake for my birthday last week, I ate two small mouthfuls. Within an hour, my stomach was rebelling, I was bloated, cramping, uncomfortable (thank goodness I was wearing maternity trousers, hurrah for elasticated waists!) But what about the wheat that I can’t see? It’s hidden everywhere, and if my digestive system is struggling anyway, hidden wheat can make my life hell. So can MSG, which we had some of inadvertently last night when we went out for dinner. The pair of us don’t eat processed food, so notice the chemical tang on our lips (and taste in my mouth still this morning) more, it kept us awake, restless and fidgety for most of the night. In the past two weeks we’ve eaten out 4 times, how much wheat have I consumed there?

Being pregnant, my digestion has slowed down. Hormones are telling my body to relax, so it is. Most women will struggle with their digestion when they’re pregnant, if you have IBS which gives you diarrhea (sorry), you’re probably laughing, as for the 9 months, you could feel almost normal. I’m not feeling crash hot. I feel sluggish inside, my skin is bad, I’m lethargic and cannot wait until I get the car back next Monday so I can start swimming each morning. I’m walking as much as I can, but don’t feel like it’s giving me much of a work out, work out to me includes arms and shoulders.

I’m 15 and a bit weeks pregnant, and despite feeling nauseous for 3 months, despite not changing or increasing what I’m eating, according to the scales this morning, I’ve put on 5kg, (which is 11lb). How much of it is due to Peanut, hormones or being pregnant, I honestly don’t think I’ll never know. I’m hoping when I’m swimming more my weight will stabilise, because I’ve not felt well enough to do much exercise until the last couple of weeks, but I do know when I start getting weighed at the doctor, it’s going to jump around a lot.

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