Heading into week 15

Another weekend, another week goes by and the numbers creep up. I’m in the limbo stage, where I don’t really feel or look pregnant, can’t feel the baby wiggling around, well I think I can, but who can tell until you get a definite foot into your belly or nether regions? Not tomorrow, but the next Monday I have an OB appointment where I’ll have another scan, one I didn’t really want, but given the spotting that’s been going on, one I’m now looking forward to. The big 20 week scan is booked for the end of February, and thereafter we’ve just got to wait and be patient. Which is not my forte.

On the plus side, I’ve had so much more energy this week, I’ve walked a lot, we did all the housework today, I’ve a pile of ironing to tackle tonight, and I owe so many emails I need to send some ‘Hello, yes we’re still here’ correspondence out. I had a snooze yesterday when we got back home, but don’t feel like one today, having typed that I yawned. Whoops. On the minus side, our car has gone into be mended, and it’s a pain in the butt. I have to ask for lifts to go shopping, which is Hubs’ most hated thing. One of the ladies at work is taking me to and fro which is lovely, we get the car back also on Monday week.

We’ve also started to look for somewhere new to live in earnest, with two applications going off next week on houses. We want to be in the new place by March, which doesn’t leave much time, but we both have a good feeling we’ll find somewhere. We looked around a grotty flat yesterday morning, it absolutely stunk, and a house we would love to buy and renovate. Which is not really what you’re looking for in a rented place, which you pray is 1) clean, 2) has a decent landlord, 3) is relatively quiet 4) near where you need to be and 5) liveable. Which considering some of the places advertised that we’re not even requesting viewings of – debatable in some eyes! We’ve a wide search area, about 8-10 suburbs, want 2+ bedrooms, ideally 2+ bathrooms and a parking space. You’d think we’re looking for the moon on a stick. Some of the newer built flats have the bedrooms and bathrooms, but only a galley kitchen. Some of the older houses have the parking, the bedrooms, but only one bathroom and a kitchen from the 1970s. As a rule of thumb, if they only show you the outside in photos, it’s because the inside is disgusting. If they only show you the inside, the outside is on a corner with a pub, coffee shop, or garbage collection, or train/tram line and you won’t get any sleep.

C’est la vie. In the meantime we’ll start packing this week, I’m getting good at it now. Since I left home, I’ve had 13 addresses, (that I can think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there are more). I had 7 addresses in 5 years with my ex-husband, Hubs has had even more than me, being an Army Brat, then in the Army, then living in the UK.

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