Week 14 and Ups & Downs 3

Goodness, we’re ranking up the numbers. I was pleased when I hit double figures, now I’m pleased because I’m officially out the first trimester. Peanut is hopefully heading home safe and sound. Here are my Ups and Downs for the past couple of weeks:


  • Spotting – I’m still getting a bit, and still getting reassured that it is ok. I popped to the Royal Woman’s yesterday after being on a course at Royal Melbourne Hospital, they kindly ran a doppler over my tummy to find Peanut’s heartbeat, which was loud and clear. I’ve been given strict instructions on what to do should anything change, i.e. get to A&E pronto.
  • UTI – I was warned, after being investigated last year that as soon as I got pregnant I may get more of them. I’ve been put on a 10 day course of antibiotics, with a repeat to take if I need to.


  • I think I felt a flutter the other night while I was trying to get to sleep. This is when I concentrate to see if I can feel (to mix a metaphor) anything. The only problem is my tummy bumps and rattles a lot with my IBS, so it’s difficult to tell, however the flutter I felt was low down, right in the middle. As soon as I get anything definite, I’ll let y’all know.
  • I have some energy back. Although, the car is in the shop being fixed this week, so I had to rely on public transport. This energy flow is great, but I have the distinct impression I seriously overdid it today. I had to walk to get a bus (which drove past me), to get a train, to walk to get a tram. I ended up walking far more than I had planned to, compounded by being told to get to the GP to collect a prescription today. I had a sleep when I got home, but tomorrow and Friday at work are going to be difficult.
  • I had a good birthday. Sounds silly, but I don’t always being so close to Christmas. I was thoroughly spoilt all day, and will blog on my other blog later in the week about it.
  • We’re visiting Waverley Private tomorrow night to talk over our admission form. Not sure what else they’ll cover while we’re there, but I’m slowly realising that this is happening.
  • The PregTASTIC show I skyped in on is up online. This is what I sound like far too early on a Sunday morning folks. Thanks to Sunny and the rest of the panelists.

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