Ten on Tuesday

I’m doing a meme. PoMo Golightly (see blog roll on the right) is a lady I found through Project 333, which I started with great intentions in October. However, had to stop the project when I fell pregnant and couldn’t fit in some of the clothes I chose. It was a bit annoying to say the least as I really enjoyed choosing the clothes for the three months, and while I’ve dug out some of the ‘fatter’ clothes, (I only look like I’ve had a good Christmas at the moment, not pregnant really), the 6-8 weeks I did were enough for me to recognise I don’t need as much as I thought and a lot of clothes are still packed away, admittedly because I can’t fit in them now!

But I digress, PoMo each Tuesday posts a Ten On Tuesday blog, a list of well, whatever tickles her fancy. So here is my first Ten On Tuesday, Ten of my favourite things:

  1. Cookery programmes, I love them. They give me ideas for meals, but I also love all the fuss and palaver that goes into making them too. Particularly when they cook outside; which makes me giggle, they never have any flies buzzing round them, or any other mishaps, cooking in a kitchen a la Julia Child is so passe.
  2. Reading in bed, this actually may be my favourite thing.
  3. Breakfast in bed, but then again, this also could be my favourite thing.
  4. Lying on my back and watching clouds. Nuff said.
  5. Swimming, it’s taken me a while to enjoy it again. But I’ve always loved being in water, particularly in an open-air pool when I can swim on my back and look at clouds.
  6. Walking around art galleries or museums, I like watching the people as much as looking at the exhibits.
  7. Oprah, I’ve written enough about how much I like her, so we’ll just take it as read that she is one of my favourite people.
  8. Sportsmen and women who just get on with it, and don’t pose, postulate, faff about and are general good sports, whether they win or lose. Sadly they seem to be a dying breed.
  9. An unexpectedly good film coming out of Hollywood e.g. Michael Clayton, the Cohen Brothers and those others who make what they want to make, not the blockbuster we’re being told we need to see.
  10. Nonna naps, I’ve always liked these and indulge in a snooze whenever I can without guilt.

What do you think..?

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