Look what we made!

Today we had our 12 week scan, one that we had both been looking forward to, but also stressing slightly over as this would be the first indication if everything was going well or not. Given the rocky start we’d already had right at the beginning, I cannot lie and pretend that last night I slept well, or that drinking my smoothie this morning wasn’t hard work actually getting in inside me.

I’ve listed this as both Pants On and Pants Off, because although this picture was taken through my belly, getting a picture of my ovaries included yet another eye-watering probing. Girls, if you have to have an ultrasound, don’t get it at 8:30am, give yourself a bit longer to drink a bit more, if you know what I mean!

We brought a photo album today, I dug out the ultrasound picture from November when all I could see was a heartbeat, comparing it to both of us seeing fingers, cheekbones and a long leg stretch, it is truly amazing.

What do you think..?

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