Don’t faint or anything…

…but I’ve been for a swim today. I probably should have asked you to sit down before you started reading.

And what’s more, I loved it. I loved how my body remembers what to do, except I now struggle to breathe to my right, but I think that is more linked to my ongoing neck and upper back issues, we’re just not made to sit at a computer all day folks.

Seeing as I get puffed walking up the stairs, or over long distances, including walking round a supermarket, at the moment, I was very pleased with the 600m I did today. Compared to the 3-4km I used to do when I was a young wipper-snapper, it doesn’t sound like much, but I haven’t been able to exercise at all for a couple of months, and I’ve got to restart somewhere.

I sat in the steam room for a bit, then went out to the spa and sat in there with 4 Greek men, all in their 70s talking about their grandchildren, my tankini top filled up with air which meant some interesting manoeuvers trying to get it out again.

All in all, I was out for about an hour. Walking out I felt like a new woman from when I walked into the centre, I felt more like me, rather than the sluggish, breathless blob I’ve become just lately.

What do you think..?

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