Week 16 OB Appointment

I met with my OB again today, it was scheduled for Friday, but I had to bring it forward as we’ve emergency training all morning. I walked to his second office from my only office, slowly, as it was a bit hot, predicted to hit 40c, it only got to 32c.

My blood pressure was boringly normal, as normal. He then ran an ultrasound over my tummy and woke Peanut up, much to his/her disgust, as we got another indignant leg stretch, which made the OB laugh. After 5 minutes of prodding and poking, he declared himself satisfied with the baby, saying that everything looked beautiful.

After talking to me about my spotting and UTI, he tutted when I told him the GP had worried me about losing Peanut. Our next appointment is the 20 week scan, where the image is a lot clearer than the one in the OB rooms. The picture I brought home today is more than a bit fuzzy. You can tell it’s a baby if you hold it at arm’s length and squint, like you’re looking at a magic eye picture.

I’ll think of a title later

I didn’t eat normally yesterday, I had a light breakfast because I was getting a massage at 9am. We then didn’t really eat lunch, but had an early dinner at 4ish with brother-in-law and his children. Consequently, I felt a bit queasy round the edges. And got told off my best friend who I called in the evening.

So today, I’m going to resume eating properly, which isn’t going to be easy in itself, as it’s due to hit 40c today. Who feels like eating when it gets that hot? Luckily we’ve got air-con in the living area downstairs, the portable unit is thundering away in the bedroom so hopefully that stays cool. Sleeping in the room while it’s going is hard work, it’s not so much a white noise, but a loud one. Tomorrow is going to be just as hot, so I’m predicting lots of grumpy people at work for the beginning of the week!

On another note, I think I’m feeling Peanut wiggle around. Hubs laid on my tummy last night and thought he could hear something too, ‘other than gas’ as he pointed out. I’m looking forward to seeing Dr Najjar tomorrow, getting a scan and another glimpse of Peanut, it’s been an odd couple of weeks what with one thing and another.

House hunting in Melbourne…

…is a messy business. There is no two ways about it. You spend all week looking at pictures online vetoing options that don’t have what you’re looking for: air-con in at least one room, preferably through the house; a cooker that doesn’t look like it belongs in a 1970s sit-com; parking for 2 cars (we’ve one and Hubs has a work vehicle); it’s clean; it doesn’t smell.

Admittedly, you can’t gauge the last two until you walk into a place, and believe me, we’ve turned around and walked out of places where we wanted to wipe our feet on the doormat on the way out. Or walked in and been assaulted nasally by cooking smells. Or walked in peered in the bathroom and turned green.

It is so competitive that when you start looking on any given day, you will keep bumping into the same people viewing the same properties in the same area that you’re looking in. You smile tight little smiles to each other, hoping that you don’t apply for the same one, or that they get it over you, or that for Pete’s sake please don’t let them show up at the next house.

Last week we started looking in earnest, and viewed 2 properties, but didn’t apply for either. One smelt revolting, the other was a gorgeous house, but had no kitchen. Yes you did read that right. It had a shelf and a cooker, which was an oven sitting beside the hob. I should have taken a photo, but I was too busy laughing. Today we viewed 3 properties, and applied for 2. Taking the completed applications with us, to hand to the estate agent as we walked out.

After walking round the first property, I tried to be discreet when I passed the envelope to the agent, but we got seen and could hear ‘They’ve just applied!’ in a shocked voice.

We know that we’re going to have to compromise on wherever we end up living. It may not have the parking we need, meaning Hubs will have to make-do with parking his Ute where he can. It may only have one bathroom, so guests coming to stay have to share, (now we’ve had two bathrooms, we like two bathrooms). It may only have one room air-conditioned, and for Hubs, this is his main priority. He wants his pregnant wifelet to be comfy, all over the house. We’ve got seven weeks to find a new place. Keep your fingers crossed.

Me? Pretty much all I want is it to be closer to Hubs’ work, so he doesn’t have to spend over an hour driving home. But if push comes to shove, my list is longer:

  • A house or ground floor flat. Prams is heavy…
  • Without any dogs that bark all frickin night long anywhere near
  • Near to cafes, but not in the street next to a bar/take-away etc. so it’s not too noisy
  • Close to a train-line so we don’t have to drive into the CBD

I could put other things on here, but then you might think I was strange. And we’ll leave it at that…

Ten on Tuesday

Yes, I know it is Wednesday, but I don’t see these posts until Wednesday our time, I’ve added Carol Knits to my blogroll, as I spent some time on the website the other day and I loved it, particularly this post. How gorgeous is that little jacket?

So here is my Top Ten Health & Beauty Products:

  1. Clinique – I love their 3-step skin care system. The dramatically different moisturising lotion is just glorious, and after returning to using this earlier this year, my skin is slowly improving. The smell of the face wash is lovely in the mornings too.
  2. Nivea Creme – this little blue tub of white goo has been a firm favourite of mine since I was a girl. I used to get chapped skin in the winters, so Mum would slather this on before I left the house. I still use it as a lip gloss and after swimming. I’ll also layer it on thick on my face every so often and lie prone in bed and contemplate my navel.
  3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – There are only 2 products I buy in duty free, this is one of them. A tube lasts for ages, you can use it everywhere, on burns, as a lip balm, or really intensive moisturiser. I’ve always got this rattling around in the bottom of my bag.
  4. The other product I buy in duty free is YSL Touche Eclat. Yes, it is expensive, but lasts for yonks, I’ve still got an unopened box I brought when I flew out of Heathrow in September 2008. A little goes a long way, and this is one product (other than mascara) I don’t leave the house without unless I’m heading to the gym.
  5. Toni & Guy Shampoo and Conditioner. I buy the one in the red bottle, (I can’t find an image). This is a product I keep coming back to, it detangles and removes any chlorine and dryness. Continue reading “Ten on Tuesday”

Weight gain in pregnancy

I weigh myself daily, for one reason, I have IBS and it gives me a gauge as to how my insides are doing. I can gain 2-3kg overnight, meaning my insides aren’t doing too well, so I need to up my fibre and water content, and watch my diet carefully. If I’m stable, they’re doing ok, and I’m eating well. Bear in mind, if I eat something bad for me, it can take anything up to a week for my digestive system to sort itself out into some semblance of normality.

‘Bad’ being wheat products, pasta, bread, cake, biscuits etc. I avoid them all, I’ve not got a hugely sweet tooth, so it’s not a hardship on the cake/biscuit front. However, when you don’t eat something for a long time, and then have a small piece, the effects are multiplied. I was given a muffin as a birthday cake for my birthday last week, I ate two small mouthfuls. Within an hour, my stomach was rebelling, I was bloated, cramping, uncomfortable (thank goodness I was wearing maternity trousers, hurrah for elasticated waists!) But what about the wheat that I can’t see? It’s hidden everywhere, and if my digestive system is struggling anyway, hidden wheat can make my life hell. So can MSG, which we had some of inadvertently last night when we went out for dinner. The pair of us don’t eat processed food, so notice the chemical tang on our lips (and taste in my mouth still this morning) more, it kept us awake, restless and fidgety for most of the night. In the past two weeks we’ve eaten out 4 times, how much wheat have I consumed there?

Being pregnant, my digestion has slowed down. Hormones are telling my body to relax, so it is. Most women will struggle with their digestion when they’re pregnant, if you have IBS which gives you diarrhea (sorry), you’re probably laughing, as for the 9 months, you could feel almost normal. I’m not feeling crash hot. I feel sluggish inside, my skin is bad, I’m lethargic and cannot wait until I get the car back next Monday so I can start swimming each morning. I’m walking as much as I can, but don’t feel like it’s giving me much of a work out, work out to me includes arms and shoulders.

I’m 15 and a bit weeks pregnant, and despite feeling nauseous for 3 months, despite not changing or increasing what I’m eating, according to the scales this morning, I’ve put on 5kg, (which is 11lb). How much of it is due to Peanut, hormones or being pregnant, I honestly don’t think I’ll never know. I’m hoping when I’m swimming more my weight will stabilise, because I’ve not felt well enough to do much exercise until the last couple of weeks, but I do know when I start getting weighed at the doctor, it’s going to jump around a lot.

Australia Day

This public holiday celebrates the first fleet arriving at Sydney, a national day of pride reminding every one of the start of British Colonisation, some Aboriginals still call it ‘Invasion Day’. Given that it is a public holiday, both our offices are closed, our bins were still emptied (can not imagine that happening on a Bank Holiday in the UK) we can still go shopping, to the cinema, for a swim, pretty much anything you would normally do on a weekend. Evidently celebrating the National Holiday is a day for ‘leisure activities’. We’ve been invited to a BBQ and will go for a walk. And catch up on the ironing.

Although I must admit, watching the people flock into Queensland to help clear and clean after the floods shows more about National Pride that this holiday ever will. That same movement of cleaning and clearing is now happening in Victoria, where we’re being flooded. Washing livestock and crops away, towns are being flooded with water, residents watch the water disperse with relief, but also dread, knowing their neighbours down river are next in line to be swamped.

Still whatever celebrations that happen here, it’s better than St. George’s day where if you celebrate that in Britain, you are mostly labelled racist. But St. David’s day in Welsh Wales is celebrated with abandon, St. Andrew’s Day and Burns Night are both nodded to in Scotland, particularly Burns night, and St. Patrick’s day is acknowledged the world over.  I’ve never understood why British people are now not allowed to celebrate their patron saint. I’m guessing because it’s been hijacked by the British National Party, who are little more than Nazi’s out of uniform.

Every year on Australia Day there is yet another push for Australia becoming a republic, and today we read of a campaign for getting rid of the Union Jack from the flag, what most Aussies seem to not realise that becoming a republic will cost a fortune. Continue reading “Australia Day”

Heading into week 15

Another weekend, another week goes by and the numbers creep up. I’m in the limbo stage, where I don’t really feel or look pregnant, can’t feel the baby wiggling around, well I think I can, but who can tell until you get a definite foot into your belly or nether regions? Not tomorrow, but the next Monday I have an OB appointment where I’ll have another scan, one I didn’t really want, but given the spotting that’s been going on, one I’m now looking forward to. The big 20 week scan is booked for the end of February, and thereafter we’ve just got to wait and be patient. Which is not my forte.

On the plus side, I’ve had so much more energy this week, I’ve walked a lot, we did all the housework today, I’ve a pile of ironing to tackle tonight, and I owe so many emails I need to send some ‘Hello, yes we’re still here’ correspondence out. I had a snooze yesterday when we got back home, but don’t feel like one today, having typed that I yawned. Whoops. On the minus side, our car has gone into be mended, and it’s a pain in the butt. I have to ask for lifts to go shopping, which is Hubs’ most hated thing. One of the ladies at work is taking me to and fro which is lovely, we get the car back also on Monday week.

We’ve also started to look for somewhere new to live in earnest, with two applications going off next week on houses. We want to be in the new place by March, which doesn’t leave much time, but we both have a good feeling we’ll find somewhere. We looked around a grotty flat yesterday morning, it absolutely stunk, and a house we would love to buy and renovate. Which is not really what you’re looking for in a rented place, which you pray is 1) clean, 2) has a decent landlord, 3) is relatively quiet 4) near where you need to be and 5) liveable. Which considering some of the places advertised that we’re not even requesting viewings of – debatable in some eyes! We’ve a wide search area, about 8-10 suburbs, want 2+ bedrooms, ideally 2+ bathrooms and a parking space. You’d think we’re looking for the moon on a stick. Some of the newer built flats have the bedrooms and bathrooms, but only a galley kitchen. Some of the older houses have the parking, the bedrooms, but only one bathroom and a kitchen from the 1970s. As a rule of thumb, if they only show you the outside in photos, it’s because the inside is disgusting. If they only show you the inside, the outside is on a corner with a pub, coffee shop, or garbage collection, or train/tram line and you won’t get any sleep.

C’est la vie. In the meantime we’ll start packing this week, I’m getting good at it now. Since I left home, I’ve had 13 addresses, (that I can think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there are more). I had 7 addresses in 5 years with my ex-husband, Hubs has had even more than me, being an Army Brat, then in the Army, then living in the UK.