Week 11, nearly 12

THANKfully I seem to be leaving morning sickness behind me, I can still feel a bit ropey in the evening, but that’s manageable. I’m also not craving potatoes so much, which can only be a good thing as I’ve put on 3kg, or 6lb. I’m not aware that I’m eating more, or bigger portions, if anything I think I’m eating less actually. But I know I am drinking gallons though. I go through nearly 1/2 a litre overnight, everynight. Also if I lie down, I’ll sleep, and will also sleep all night, despite having a nap in the afternoons.

While I also was freaking out, (no other word for it) about my body changing, the past week or so I’ve calmed down a little. I’ve accepted that it will change, and that I’ve also not been well enough to exercise, so I will be puffed out when I walk anywhere, I will be struggling with clothes for the next 6 months, I will be wondering what the umpity ump is going on inside there. All the reading, preparation and questions I will be asking will go out the window when Peanut actually appears. You can only prepare so much, and not at all really, for another human being appearing, out of you (me) and into our family.

But we need to start preparing somewhere; Hubs and I went to the sales the other day, I brought an Oi-Oi bag, reduced from $145 to $100 (bargain!) some muslin cloths and a towel. So baby purchases have begun, albeit slowly. In the next week we’ve got the 12 week scan, so when we’ve the results from that we can start telling everyone else other than the few people that know now.

What do you think..?

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