Merry Christmas?

You know when you make plans, and they go slightly awry? Welcome to our Christmas day. We’d always planned on having a quiet one, the pair of us are worn out with one thing and another, so we politely declined invitations and planned for a picnic to Walhalla, just the two of us, walking, talking and lying on the ground looking at clouds.

We brought a thermos, one of the things we left behind in the UK thinking we could replace it if we needed it. Just goes to show how often we thought about using one. I brought pic-a-nic provisions, and we started to work out our route to get there, (turn left at Traralgon).

But, you can’t plan for sheer numpti-ness. Six weeks ago the Tradies (collective name for electricians, carpenters et al.) that Hubs manages signed on for the on-call rota over Christmas. Everyone was issued with call sheets and contact numbers for every eventuality. Then Christmas Eve Hubs comes home and apologises, but he now has to go on call tomorrow. As did one of the Senior Managers because one eejit decided to tell them, on Christmas Eve, that he was going to be out of phone contact range over the Christmas weekend. 

We can expect a rocket to be put up said tradies’ arse on his return to work in January. Hubs simply cannot switch off when he is on call. He doesn’t like going out the house because if he gets called out, we then have to leave where we are to go back home, for him to collect his company car and go in to work. When you look after 190 buildings as part of your contract, anything can go wrong. As it is, the only call we’ve had over his cover period was to replace a battery in a smoke alarm.

Yesterday, Hubs and I had a lie-in, a leisurely breakfast of bacon and eggs, and opened our presents together. I then retreated back upstairs for a snooze (because I could). When I woke up again he was on the phone to his Dad, I also spoke to him and the SMIL wished them Merry Christmas and compared lunches, freshly caught QLD prawns vs. ham sandwich? We then put on 3 loads of washing, vacuumed and mopped through the house, made our guest bed, cleaned the bathroom and watched a couple of DVDs. Hubs chose Where The Wild Things Are, 100 minutes of my life I won’t get back again. The child is obnoxious and a great advert for contraception. I then chose restorative My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I only brought the DVD earlier this month, but I’ve seen it so many times. I love the scene where he proposes, you can see Ian physically wrestling with the question. Nia Vardalos recently tweeted that her favourite memory of making the film was meeting John Corbett and knowing he was the right one to play Ian.

Anyone else spend most of Christmas Day doing housework? No? Still, we had a nice relaxing day together, we have a Matterhorn of ironing to do at some point, i.e. if we want to wear anything. Because Hubs was still on call this morning, he couldn’t get to the cricket today, but his best friend is as I type driving down to spend the rest of the week with us. So they’ll either watch it on TV here, or at the RSL in Glen Waverley. We’re all off to the cricket tomorrow, to be fair, I’ve been looking forward to that more than Christmas. My highlight of the day though was talking to my brother on skype and seeing my niece being waved at the camera. Words cannot tell you how lovely that was.

One thought on “Merry Christmas?

  1. I spent a sizeable chunk of yesterday doing ‘housework’ if Christmas dinner can be included! Mind you it all went fantastically well, so no complaints. Got two sets of washing & tumble dring done and put away half a week’s washing too. So knackered afterwards that I’ve slept until 9:30am on boxing day, courtesy of my lovely & considerate wifey :-)


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