Ups and Downs 2


  • I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant. For the past 6 weeks I’ve struggled with morning sickness. This past couple of weeks, I thought I’d cracked it. I was fine in the mornings, would eat lunch and hit a wall about 3ish, nausea accompanying me throughout the rest of the evening, but manageable if I didn’t do too much. Today for some reason I’m being knocked side-ways and feel utterly miserable, despite lounging around all day yesterday. I can only put it down to the lunch I ate, but didn’t really enjoy. I am so over feeling like shit I can’t tell you.
  • I’ve had to put away a pair of jeans, some trousers, some skirts and am struggling with what tops I can wear, because the maternity bras don’t have padding so everything is on display if I’m not careful.


  • I’ve 5 days left at work. I only need to muddle through this week and I’ve got 16 days off.
  • We’re not doing a big family Christmas, so don’t have to lie about why I’m not drinking

What do you think..?

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