A most decadent day

I ought to feel guilty, but I don’t.

We’ve had a really busy couple of weeks, I’ve noticed when I try to do too much physically, be that walking, cleaning or anything else (including shopping) I feel much more nauseous the next day. So today I planned to do – nothing.

And boy did I do it well. I helped Hubs cook breakfast for my work colleague who had stayed over last night after the Christmas party, we had a leisurely meal together chatting over cups of tea. She said it was like staying in a hotel. She had a bed to herself, a shower to herself, breakfast cooked for her and loved it. I loved having her to stay too. When she left to resume her family life, I took a last cup of tea upstairs to bed. I read a little bit, and went back to sleep.

Four hours later, I came downstairs and had some lunch, watched a couple of hours of cricket with my boy, then went back upstairs for another hour.

Like I said, I ought to feel guilty, but I don’t. My body is busy, life can go on like normal, to a degree, but it’s telling me to slow down. So I’m listening.