A shopping expedition

I needed a new pair of jeans. I’ve a black pair, that I normally wear tucked into boots, a very casual pair of blue jeans, not suitable for work due to the strategic rips in them, and one other pair that I love, but have already grown out of. I wore them on Sunday and was so uncomfortable after sitting down in them most of the afternoon, they are in the washing pile to be regretfully put away until… well who the hell knows when I will get back into them again.

So I took myself off to Chadstone this afternoon. After wandering around various shops looking at options, I went to Pumpkin Patch and brought a maternity pair. 8 weeks I needed a maternity bra. 10 weeks I’m already struggling with my trousers. There was a Board meeting today, I couldn’t get my suit trousers on, let alone up. I’ve only put on 2kg, so I’m right on course for the trimester, but my shape has changed so much already it’s ridiculous.

Maternity jeans. Oh my sodding god. I was thinking I’d make that shopping trip about March/April?

What do you think..?

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