Ups and Downs

I’ve added a new category to this blog, because I know there are going to be weeks when this is a struggle for both of us, Hubs and I, not Peanut and I. I’ve been listening to the Pregtastic podcasts, and they do a regular spot called one up, one down where the pregnant women say what they’ve struggled with, and what’s lifted them up through their week.

So here are my first ups and downs.


  • I’m pregnant, a lot of my friends have struggled and are struggling to get pregnant, I am not taking this blessing lightly
  • My morning sickness is easing, I am far better in the mornings, although towards the end of the afternoon into the evening I start to struggle. I hate just sitting on the couch in the evenings, but my body is telling me to ‘siddown!’, so I am.
  • I put a pair of trousers on today, that I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear, luckily they fit as they were the only ones hanging in my wardrobe!


  • I really, really need to tidy up my half of the bedroom, but don’t have the oomph. I am already learning I can’t work at warp speed. This is a big hurdle for me to get over, as the standards I set for myself are already ridiculously high.
  • I am going out on Saturday for a ladies day, and am freaking out a little about what to wear. I’ve a great dress I can wear, but can’t wear my strapless bra, so am in a quandry. This sounds silly, but I have so few clothes anyway, not being able to fit in a lot of them already is a surprise.
  • My belly is already popping out. Already. I’m 9 weeks on Saturday, and my internal organs are shifting around so I’ve got a pot. This could also be an ‘up’ but hiding it is hard work, as control pants make me feel queasy by the end of the day, because my IBS always blows my tummy out as the day progresses.

What do you think..?

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