This pregnancy lark…

…is odd. No, seriously, Hubs and I are filled with secret glee, only a few people know about it. So to outsiders, my behaviour over the past week or so must be getting some comments. But you can’t tell everyone you’re pregnant, in case something goes wrong, you lose the baby, then you have to go around tell everyone that you’re not pregnant.

I don’t know what people are thinking of me cleaning my teeth in the middle of the morning at work. Or suddenly not eating what I normally would eat, but about half of it. Then an hour or so later, going back to finish it off. Or sitting at my desk alternating yawning or looking green as either tiredness or sickness washes over me. Or me losing words in the middle of a sentence, (always an issue with me any way, but now even more so). Or me going down the same aisle in the supermarket today three times, because despite my list, I still forgot things down it.

I’m quite pleased we’ve got the Christmas break coming up. Not least because as I’m taking the first week in January off, I am getting nearly 3 weeks off work, but because by the time I get back to work, I’ll be 12 weeks. My birthday is in the middle of the month, and that is when we’re telling everyone officially. It’ll be a weight off my mind to have it OUT THERE. Sometimes when I’m feeling ok, and not tired and not forgetting my words, where I parked my car or what I wanted to cook for dinner on Wednesday night, I do forget I’m pregnant. I forget that I’m already in a maternity bra. I forget that I have heartburn making my sinuses unblock. I forget that if I don’t write everything down, I forget stuff. Apart from the bra thing, and the throwing up thing, nothing’s changed really. I’m still as clumsy and as dotty as ever.

One thought on “This pregnancy lark…

  1. Cool! I’m glad everything is ok with your pregnancy. You’re about 5 weeks ahead of me!
    That is amazing that you got pregnant the very first try. Good for you! (We tried for 5 months and just got pregnant two weeks ago, so I feel lucky.)

    Merry Christmas!
    Jill (PregnancyInProg on Twitter)


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