It’s not been a good week

The office was laid low with a viral infection, five people were out on Monday, I only made it into work on Wednesday morning to be back home in bed by Wednesday afternoon. A trip to my GP on Thursday signed me off until tomorrow (Monday), leaving me playing catch-up again with too much to do and not enough time to do it in. I’m trying to not get stressed or frazzled about it, but when you get an email like this:

Subject: It was xx’s birthday on the 2nd (yesterday)

Did you want to set up a cake session for everyone

It makes me cross. The birthday list is up in the staff room as requested, so EVERYone can see when people’s birthdays are coming up. So EVERYone can contribute and take it in turns to buy a birthday cake (which is reimbursed anyway), but it never is EVERYone. It is always myself or one other person. Evidently, EVERYone else in the office can’t read, or use their noodle to think, Lily’s out the office and has been signed off work, perhaps someone else should take on this to celebrate a team-mate’s birthday? I am not blaming the other social bee, she has also been ill, but it infuriates me that it’s the age-old assumption ‘someone else’ will do it;

  • ‘Someone else’ will put my cup in the dishwasher if I just leave it on the side
  • ‘Someone else’ will put another toilet roll in the bathroom when I’ve used the last sheet
  • ‘Someone else’ will collect everyone’s recycling and put the bin out on the road
  • ‘Someone else’ will wipe down the sandwich toaster when I’ve left it covered with crumbs and burnt food

Everywhere I work it is the same. The same people who clear up after everyone else because they get sick of not having a clean teaspoon, or a clean mug, or a clean kitchen. The same people who show more consideration to their team-mates, because if we leave things as they are in the kitchen, nothing gets tidied up, we get to the point where we don’t want to eat our lunch in the kitchen, or make a cup of tea, while other people are happy to live in a student house.

Is it me? Why can’t people think that someone else is using the kitchen after them, it’s not your kitchen, it’s our kitchen. You want to live like a caveman at home, fill your boots, I’ve enough to do at work. I don’t need to tidy up after you as well like a parent would a child.

On the home front, because I’ve been told in no uncertain terms to rest by my GP, our house looks a tip too. Hubs has sorted a pile of paperwork out that was beside his bed, so it now means it’s moved into the study to be piled up there instead. Yesterday we spent the day together, apart from the 3 hour snooze I had in the afternoon, we achieved a lot, we posted everything back to the UK we needed to for Christmas, only 3 weeks later than planned. We finished buying Christmas presents for family over here and generally caught up with each other, as we’ve either been at work, or I am asleep this week.

Hubs is out to cricket today, I’m feeling better than I have done in a while, so I will potter around the house and sit down when I need to, but work through the bedroom, study and tidy up as I go. As those of you who know me know, when I tidy up, I sort out a lot of things in my head. When I am frazzled I tidy up. Today is a bit of a chicken and egg situation, should I tidy because I need to, or do I need to tidy because it’s a bit of a muddle at home?

Either way, tomorrow is another day.

What do you think..?

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