Off to the GP

After being complained at on Twitter because I was talking about morning sickness too much ‘Thanks for sharing’ came winging back to me from a pregnancy magazine of all places, I took myself off to the GP today. I cannot function as a human being at the moment, I lurch from feeling sick to being sick to feeling sick. My poor husband has the patience of Job (just as well he married me then) and is biding his time waiting for me to return to the land of the living again.

While I couldn’t sleep last night, I thought I better try and explain what morning sickness feels like, at least for me. So if you drink, or if you get travel sickness some of these symptoms will sound familiar.

Imagine you’ve been out for a drink or two with your friends. You wake up in the morning, your forehead is tight, your mouth is dry, when you lift your head off the pillow desperate for a drink, you think ‘Uh-oh’ knowing whatever you send down to your stomach, it’s going to bounce back up again. So you have a little sip, maybe a little bit more, lie there and pray nothing happens. Then your stomach rumbles, and you think, ‘Ooooh, need carbs’ so you reach for one of the stash of biscuits in the drawer by your bead. And also head bravely downstairs. Your husband, if you have one and he loves you, has put your toast in, so all you have to do is spread whatever you want on it. Marmite is good for hangovers, all those Vitamins, particularly B. You take said toast back upstairs, eat it in bed and lie back down, quick.

After half an hour you think, ‘OK, I feel good’! Lift your head up and think, ‘No I don’t’. But watching the clock you have to get started getting out of bed so you’re not late for work. Standing under the shower gulping, your forehead is still tight, you feel like a washing machine is churning your guts around and you wonder if you should barf, or eat something else straight away.

This is like one of those hangovers that says ‘Feed Me Seymour’. You simply have to keep eating. If you stop eating you’ll feel worse. But if you eat something that doesn’t like you that day, you’ll feel worse. Banana was my friend, then it wasn’t. Tomato Juice, was my friend then it really, really wasn’t. Toast, is normally my friend, not on Sunday morning it wasn’t.

You get the picture, sometimes I can eat what I want, and I am fine. I LOVE those days. I’ve had 3 since I found out I was pregnant :( Most days I can eat the plain things, and I am fine. Some days, I can’t eat anything. Since Friday, the nausea has got progressively worse, I am on a fairground ride I can’t get off. I can’t concentrate at work, I can’t sit still, because I can’t get comfy.

I made a doctors appointment today, simply because it is now incapacitating my life. I am only pregnant, but I can not function, I’m like a grumpy zombie. I don’t know what to eat, because one thing after another, has gone “boing” in my stomach. I’ve been given some anti nausea tablets to take, and signed off for the rest of the week as she’s put me on bed rest. Which is where I’m typing this from. Listening to a thunder storm blowing in round the house and waiting for the next lot of torrential rain to pour down. It’s very fitting weather for a very dark mood.

I want to be all relaxed and happy, ethereal like Galadriel (just without the ears), sailing serenely through this journey, not hanging overboard trying to get my sea legs. I hope it passes soon, I hope when I get to the second trimester it calms down.

What do you think..?

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