Week 7 into 8

This journey we’re on is hard work. Not least because at the moment I have a cold, sore throat, temperature and am all achy and I can’t take anything stronger than paracetamol to help me through it. But the morning sickness is driving me mad. And I don’t have it that badly in the grand scheme of things.

I am lucky insofar that most of what I am eating is staying down, I’ve only been sick twice, but I wish I could be sick more. Yes, you did read that right. Because afterwards, I feel better. I’ve had a couple of days, last night and Saturday night, where I really thought I was going to be ill, but I wasn’t. And next to earache, there is nothing worse.

I am eating plain food, what I fancy, when I fancy it. I’ve learnt if I get hungry, and my blood sugar drops, I feel much worse, so I’m eating  little and often, to try and maintain some equilibrium. I am loving poppadoms, or chips with salt and mayonnaise.

Poor boy that I live with, I’m either tired out and asleep at 8:30, or asking him not to move in the bed for fear of motion sickness pushing me over the edge, or he’s eyeing up my boobs and I’m shooing him away because they’re so sore. I had to get measured for a new bra, as I was falling out my normal ones. I’ve gone from 14C to 16D in 7 weeks. They’re heavy, tender and a ‘Great Rack!’

The most surprising visit about the bra shopping expedition is that I am already in maternity bras. Sob. And they’re awful. There is no padding, so I’ve got to work out what I can wear that doesn’t make me look like I am not going topless, as you can see EVERYthing. One of the girls in the pregnancy forum I am on suggested band-aids. Band-aids. Unbelievable.

My body is not my own anymore, I look in the mirror and wonder what it will look like at the end, it’s already changed so much.

What do you think..?

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