Phew-ee Part 2

I met with our OB today, we originally wanted to meet him together, but as he was seeing me early, Hubs couldn’t get to the appointment. We were both a bit worried about what he might find, but after a quick physical, I had another ultrasound (upwards – yeuch) and I saw a definite morpheus blob and a heart beating like mad. I am also bang on course for my due date of between 14-16 July.

Dr Najjar spent a long time with me, answered my questions and reassured me that he is just the safety police, he is only there to make sure I and the baby are ok, he is not going to intervene unless he needs to. Thank goodness for that then.

My high hCG levels are just that, my high levels. Everyone is different, so everyone has different levels of all sorts of things, including hormones. He sounded resigned to the fact that doctors who aren’t OBs will scare women silly unnecessarily with the figures, when they don’t understand them. All in all, it was a good visit. I am seeing him again in the new year. I’ve got to have some blood tests done at 10 weeks and a nuchal fold scan done 10-12 weeks.

Until then, I’ll keep battling with morning sickness and keep trying to hide it at work.

What do you think..?

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