Up at 5:30, I had some crackers, inspected the hair, pretty good, didn’t need to hop in the shower to sort it out, I had a wash and sorted myself out a little bit, then came downstairs for the toast Hubs had put in for me. Eating breakfast together was something we only ever get to do at weekends, and it was nice to start the day with a chat. I went back upstairs to finish getting ready, thinking ‘I don’t feel seasick’.

And I haven’t all day!

We think it was getting up earlier, although, I don’t fancy working backwards an hour each day until I am getting up at 7pm to ensure I don’t get queasy.

I think the zantac helped too, as I’ve not had heartburn either. I’ve also been recommended crunchy foods, celery, snow peas, sweetcorn etc. which as dotty as it sounds does help. But if I’m snacking on them, I’m not snacking on carbs, which also settle my stomach, and until I get the go-ahead to exercise again I won’t be doing anything more energetic than walking.

What do you think..?

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