Productive day

Hello folks, I am sorry I’ve not blogged for a while. If you had had the week I’d had last week, you’d know why!

Today I read this lovely blog about keeping your desk clear, it inspired me so I busied myself at work and caught up on my filing, literally I have nothing left to put away. I also cleared my desk of extra pens, stationery, and filed away project paperwork. I need to work out what I’m going to do with my brought forward folder and in-trays, but will cross that bridge later.

The office was fairly quiet this afternoon, most of the staff were in a meeting, so I was able to get a lot done. We’ve a Board meeting tomorrow, starting off with a breakfast at 7:30, I need to be in the office, compos mentis at 7am. Which means working backwards, I should be in bed now and soon will be.

I just wanted to leave you with one other bit of news. Toy Story 3 was released today. I was given permission by my lovely husband that we could break the ‘Don’t buy DVDs’ rule to purchase it. So I whizzed to the shop straight after work. I’ll watch it next week when I’ve completed my DipMan assignment.


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