Avast there me hearties

Goodness me I am queasy. This morning, I was in bed until 7:30 feeling sorry for myself, scared to move in case I heaved all over myself. I eventually staggered downstairs after my ginger biscuit didn’t help, and my Gaviscon tablet really, really didn’t help, I had to wash the last of it down with water as the texture was making everything a whole lot worse. I put some toast in, and as it cooked, the smell helped settle my stomach.

Spreading my hang-over cure of veggiemite on and slowly chewing it was lovely. I went back upstairs with a spring in my step, and got ready to leave the house. To make sure I was ok at work, I packed another two pieces of bread to toast there too.

At lunchtime I went to the chemist and brought some Vitamin B6 and Zantac 150mg, both have been recommended to me on a forum as a help, particularly the Zantac as I’m getting heartburn in the afternoons. I also brought some peppermints to help with the claggy throat and yukky taste and today I felt a whole lot better than I did yesterday.

Tomorrow, I am at a Board meeting, very early in the morning. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about it. I am hoping I am ok, I am hoping I don’t have a problem. The Chief Executive knows I am pregnant, so between us we’ll cover it off. I hope. Fingers crossed, I’m off to bed now.

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