Business as normal

It’s now Tuesday, and since the weekend I’ve been feeling great. Apart from the sickness, and the heartburn. Last night I slept really well, I didn’t have to get up to pee. o/ But still today, I had to have a snooze in the car; there are 3 people at work who know, CEO, 2IC and HR. I was talking to HR this afternoon and my eyes were crossing I was so tired. She said ‘Why don’t you try doing something really easy to do?’ nope, wasn’t going to help. So I toddled downstairs and crashed out for half an hour.

Came back up in time for our weekly fruit time, we’re taking it in turns to prepare fruit, then we all gather round, eat and gossip – no shop allowed. It’s something we all look forward to, and is a good tension reliever I can tell you. After sitting back at my desk, within 20 minutes I then got heartburn, had to have been the mandarin, nothing else was acidic enough.

The sickness is more annoying than anything else, I can’t describe it, as I am not nauseous, I am getting what feels like a thick lining on my throat and have to keep swallowing, it’s almost like when you’ve had too much dairy. If you know what that feels like at all. I am hoping I can work around it, it’s such a small office, keeping a secret, secret is hard work.

So far the strangest thing for me has not being able to finish my breakfast. Or my lunch today. I mean, that’s just not on, I was really looking forward to my toast this morning. I have 4 teeny slices of wheat free bread, by teeny I mean just that. They’re smaller than the palm of my hand. On 2 I have veggiemite and sometimes cheese, on the other 2 I have a hard-boiled egg, avocado, mayo and celery salt. I canNOT tell you how lovely that is. And today I had to pack one slice of each up and take it to work with me!

Oh well, I am going to listen to my body. It knows what it’s doing, it’s doing what it was designed to do after all. I’m just sat in the middle of it, wondering what the hell is going on. I’ve decided this whole pregnancy lark is an adventure, a journey. I am just along for the ride. Nothing I can say or do has any influence on what is going to happen, has happened or will happen to my body. I’ll let it dictate what it can and can’t do. But right now, I need to head upstairs to bed.

What do you think..?

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