What a weekend

Peanut woke me up with cramps on Friday, Saturday while out and about I went to the bathroom and noticed I was spotting. I called the GP surgery to double check what to do, and left a message with the receptionist as there were no doctors there when I called. She called me back about an hour later and said the GP advised me to go into A&E at our local public hospital and get an ultrasound scan done that day as it could be an eptopic pregnancy or I could be miscarrying.

Easier said than done. The queue for triage was out the door, there were two nurses seeing people in turn, I gave my details over explained that I’d been sent by my GP, that I needed an ultrasound and was told that I would be seen today, but would have to wait until Monday for the ultrasound as it wasn’t an emergency.

Hubs and I weren’t overly pleased but waited, and waited and waited. After 3 hours we were taken through to a cubicle, while I was being asked questions people were coming in and going out, I was already upset because of a multitude of things, my blood pressure had gone up from normal 120/80 to 139/90, the nurse who was trying to get information out of me apologised, put a canula in my right elbow (owee) and took half an armful of blood then sent it off to be analysed. I peed in a pot and laid back on my trolley. After an hour a lovely doctor came through and took my history. Another hour later she came back and said my hCG levels were through the roof. At just over 5 weeks I should be between 18-7340, I was at 14,250. Either we were further along than we thought (unlikely) or there are more than one Peanuts in there.

We get discharged to come back in the morning for an ultra-sound, as after feeling my tummy she was happy it wasn’t an eptopic, but I could still be miscarrying. After a restless night sleep we woke up feeling like zombies, had a quick, hurried, silent breakfast and drove back to the hospital. Hubs dropped me off and went to park the car, I waited at triage again, dropped off the details in the letters and was asked how I had gone over night, I said I was fine, still spotting a little but no cramps. We waited for about half an hour and got directed through to ultrasound. After one on my tummy, where she checked my kidneys too, and made me squeak with the cold gel which made Hubs laugh, I then had a lovely probe up my, well. You get the picture.

She plugged the TV screen in so we could watch what was going on. But at 5 weeks, there isn’t much you can see. There was a pregnancy sac, which indicates that were are as exactly pregnant as we thought we were, but there wasn’t else much to see. At that size, they can’t see a heartbeat which is what would say it is still viable. However, the high levels of hCG would indicate that Peanut is busy splitting into identical twins.

I need to either go back in 10 days for an appointment for another ultrasound, or call my OB in the morning and see what he says. Guess what one I will be doing? Yes, calling my OB tomorrow. I still feel pregnant, I don’t think I am miscarrying, I think I’ve got post-coital spotting (sorry folks), but because of the cramps over Friday night, which could be explained by twins getting busy and separating that is why I was investigated. I’ll guess we’ll found out over the coming days. I’ll keep you posted.

What do you think..?

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