Work In Progress

Started this on Wednesday, sorry it’s taken me 24 hours to put it up.

Goodness me life is a bit hectic. No change there I hear you cry, we’re all in the same boat. Well, yes we are. I love how we’ve now got all these time-saving gadgets and gizmos, we actually have less time to do anything.

Yesterday I was busy all day at work, but then all of us were in and out of meetings, all day. So while it was a constructive day, none of us got any of our work done, leaving me frazzled at the end of yesterday. My to-do list grows, and the time slots where people leave me the hell alone to get stuff done are few and far between; I wish I could hang a sign out or close a door, but I am one of the most visible people in the office as I sit right at the front of it.

So after buzzing about all day at work yesterday I get home and:

  • Empty the washing machine, hang up towels
  • Fill washing machine with white load, hang it up when it’s done
  • Iron my trousers for tomorrow (which is now today)
  • Make a curry, from scratch (as you do when you’re busy right?)
  • Hubs washed all the pans that have been left soaking, including grill pan, as Roger-The-Useless-Lodger is physically incapable of lifting a finger in the house, apparently
  • Clean the kitchen, I’d reached my limit on living in student house/brothel *delete as applicable
  • Empty kitchen and bathroom bins, Hubs takes them out and empties recycling bin too
  • Pack my swimming bag
  • Choose clothes for tomorrow (which is now today)
  • Unpack and then reload dishwasher

I still didn’t catch up on my emails, I still haven’t put the ironing board away, still haven’t sorted out my FLYlady stuff that I want to do to get a workable routine in place (yes, we’re still having conversations about this).

Updated today: So Wednesday evening I get home, cook my dinner and eat it early, stand at the ironing board until the ironing is all done, as I am fed up of looking at it. I sit down with my drink and watch the end of Stephen Fry at Sydney Opera House, Hubs put the ironing board away and sits next to me. We both watch the end of QI, then I disappear upstairs to bed at 8:30pm. Such a party animal. When in bed I remember I was supposed to phone someone, so lie there and have a quick conversation, hang the phone up and fall asleep in minutes while Hubs carries on reading LOTR with his little book light.

Who said romance was dead?

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