Frabjous Day, even on a Monday!

I’ve had a great couple of days. I went for a swim yesterday outside under blue skies. Thank goodness for dark goggles! Nothing like catching your breath watching a dragonfly whizz past you. I lay on my bed reading, always one of my favourite things to do, Hubs won his cricket match by 9 wickets, I made a kick-ass risotto and we watched a great TV programme. So great we can’t remember what it was.

Today I waded through my in-box and my emails, caught up on a some basic admin tasks which means I can concentrate on some of the more meatier things I need to do for the rest of the week. The office was really quiet today, with only 8 of us in, the phones were also blissfully quiet too, which helps.

Hubs is doing his ironing as I write this, Mythbusters are doing MacGyver again, (as in it’s repeated again) and all is good with the world. I was going to make a salad, but I still can’t edge the salad pot into the fridge, so I’ll make a little one in the morning for work and have an early night instead.

Oh, and I spoke to Mon Bears and Wiz and Jim this weekend too. Hurrah!

What do you think..?

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