Lazy days and Sundays

Hubs and I turned off our phones last night, turned off our alarms and guess what time I woke up? 7am. 7 sodding o’clock. I used to be comatose for 12-13 hours at a time over the weekend, now when I want a lie-in, I wake up at the crack of dawn. The alarm is set for 5:30am each weekday, so I suppose an hour and a half later is nicer, but I went to bed an hour and a half later than I normally do last night. Bummocks.

The agenda for today looks as follows:

  • Lie-in – check (ish)
  • Breakfast – check Hubs cooked me bacon, eggs and sausages
  • Copious amounts of green tea – check, no different than normal!
  • Gym – will go when breakfast settled, may even swim too
  • Study – no, not tidy it up, it’s still tidy after my mammoth session a couple of weeks ago, but DipMan Study

I’ve done the ironing already. Hubs is out all day playing cricket, (if it doesn’t rain), I won’t need to eat till the evening. So I’m all set. Laters.

What do you think..?

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