Secret squirrel

We’ve told a few, very few, people in real life. We need some people fighting in our corner. Not least tomorrow where I will be expected to partake in a boozy lunch, but ‘I’m driving’.  It helps that I’ve not been drinking much for a couple of months anyway, so me not drinking won’t get noticed. Prior planning and all that.

Talking of prior planning, aside from selecting and OB and Hospital a month ago, I’ve also been to the GP for a check up. I had a blood test to check for Rubella immunity, iron levels and general all round healthiness. Had a smear test and talked over what happens here in Australia that is different to what happens in the UK to pregnant women. Hubs and I are fantastically lucky with our GPs. All of them are lovely people, very supportive of us and give very good advice. I still can’t get used to paying them when I leave though.

Officially I am 4 weeks pregnant so how am I doing? I better start listing things I’m feeling I guess. Well, I am tired. More than normal, which for me is pretty impressive. I went to the gym today, came home and laid on the bed. Hubs woke me up when he got home. Drs Oz and Roizen have a wonderfully funny series of books called ‘YOU!’ with titles like, On A Diet, Staying Young and have just released Having A Baby. All the books are full of really funny illustrations, but good advice. I like this: Don’t stand when you can sit, don’t sit when you can lie down. That’s my kind of prescription.

I’ve been smelling fake tan, that digestive biscuit-y smell, for about a week, but no-ones wearing it. I’m also getting a metallic tinge in my mouth, which is not pleasant, but hey-ho. As the hormone only starts to rank up from here, I am betting I will get more random symptoms and will let you know what they are. Fingers crossed I dont get bad morning sickness, I am always in the office fairly early so hiding it would be hard work, morning ‘swims’ may be back on the agenda ;)

Should also point out, Hubs is very excited. The bump has been nicknamed Peanut, I asked him to find a nickname as it’s a bit isolating for the dads in this process after they’ve done their bit!

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