Impatience breeds despair

Headstrong, fool-hardy, look before you leap, foot in mouth?

If I’d waited, 2 days, I wouldn’t have felt so sad on Monday. Today is now Thursday, I tested again and we’re pregnant. I am cocooned in secret joy, I’ve told Hubs, booked a GPs appointment and tentatively booked my first OB appointment in December.

Why so early with the OB? There are severely limited spaces in Private Hospitals, and the specialists only take on a few women at a time. My first choice has booked an overseas vacation around when we’re due (July), so I called my second choice and got in with him. When I registered with my GP on arrival in Australia, she warned me that I would need to call her and selected OB literally as soon I found out I was pregnant. Given that they keep you in hospital for 4-5 nights here, I am not surprised there’s a bottle neck.

I can’t say I’m leaping about with joy, I’ve been on an OH&S course all day and peed on a stick in their office bathroom during our morning tea break. I do feel quietly pleased, I called Hubs and spoke to him first. Which is the way it should be, ideally we would have found out together, but I wasn’t patient enough to wait until today to pee on a stick first thing this morning.

So I’m officially with a bun in the oven. Now what?

What do you think..?

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