Project 333 – into Month 2

I have a confession. Melbourne’s weather is beating me. Most of the time I am able to wear the 33 items easily enough, but occasionally, Melbourne will through me a curve ball, like being 29c on Friday, dropping to 18c on Saturday, and the clothes I’ve chosen to transverse Spring into Summer are simply not warm enough. Or water-proof enough.

So while I will continue to wear the 33 items, I will also have to continue to bring items in from the interchange bench as I need to. I feel like a failure, I so wanted to keep to this promise I made myself, but I can’t fight Mother Nature, nor would I want to, she’s much too powerful.

Instead of beating myself up about this though, I will carry on doing the best I can. I am about to start ironing for the week ahead (all 3 days of it), and will select my clothes to wear on each of those three days carefully. I am getting my hair cut on Saturday, then going to a family BBQ in the afternoon, all day Sunday I will be working at home on my DipMan. The following Monday I should be able to re-group and start again, the following Monday this weather system dumping a months’ worth of rain in 24 hours on the State will have moved off. However, I have accepted that if I cannot complete Project 333, that I did it for one month is more than some people could manage.

I’ve always been one for getting rid of things; just ask the Bears, they couldn’t believe it when I would come downstairs with yet more bin bags of ‘stuff’, knowing I had barely brought anything into their home from the rubble that remained of my first marriage. Even now, I will donate to charity or ask Hubs to sell on Ebay things I don’t want. As we look at moving back towards the CBD to cut his journey time down to work, we are finding that we are drifting towards wanting to live back in an apartment again. We’re both used to small spaces, living here has been lovely, but Hubs is slowly filling it with things. While I continue to purge my belongings, he seems to bring more in.

Another thing I should point out here is that while we’ve paid for gardening to be done for the past 4 months, it hasn’t been touched in 4 months, despite our lease being amended to say the landlord is responsible for the garden. The front of the house now looks overgrown and uncared for, the garden where we used to sit outside for meals is overgrown to waist height. It looks like we don’t care, which is so far from the truth, on our inspection last week the property manager said that the house was cleaner with us in it, than the owners. The owners are the ones who don’t have to wade out through the grass to hang their washing out though. I do. If you know me at all, you will know that I am frazzled about the garden. So, to take some air, I’ve taken to reading on my bed, with the balcony door open instead. That is a space I can control and keep tidy.

2 thoughts on “Project 333 – into Month 2

  1. Lily, You are doing great with Project 333! The purpose of the project is to see what you really need. You are learning throughout the process and that is the goal. The goal is not to beat yourself up and definitely not call yourself a failure!

    This should be challenging but more than anything else, fun! Let people on the facebook page know about your struggles. I am sure you are not the only one!!

    You are doing great!


  2. The weather is a P333’s enemy at times. I already know I did not plan appropriately for December. I was so optimistic about warmth and cold way back in late summer September months.

    You are NOT a failure! You are, like the rest of us, figuring it all out!


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